Scarlett v1.0.6


We are very pleased to announce that Scarlett – our Mac ebook reading app with over a decade of track record has been updated Apple silicon and macOS Monterey. As usually, you can download the update via App Store or make a purchase here. Enjoy!

Apple Authorised Training in Prague


This week we are delivering training in, beautiful at this time of the year, Prague! 🍁 See you! 👍

Warsaw IT Days 2022


It is our great pleasure to invite you to 2022 edition of Warsaw IT Days where some of Apple-focused sessions will be delivered by our trainers – Jolanta Soja and Miłosz Staszewski.

This time we will be offering developer advice on providing accessibility support, and presenting how to become a true Mac power user by taking advantage of App Resume (app state restoration).

Join us at WDI 2022! 🙂

MacGadka Training – Premium Edition 2022


During the last weekend we held a special, premium edition of MacGadka podcast legendary 'Introduction to macOS' training. This one was offered free of charge to the most dedicated of our supporters and patrons. Special thanks to Wózki Widłowe Lifter for helping us making this event happen!

P. S. All of our attendees have been vaccinated.

Webinar: Business-oriented changes coming to Apple platforms


During this webinar we will try to look at the changes presented at WWDC from the business-owner perspective. We will mention things like a revolutionary Object Capture, Live Text and Visual Look Up, Universal Control or the changes to the way we manage Apple devices. If you want to get ready to supercharge your business with the upcoming new features mentioned during this year's WWDC – save the date and join us!

Faktura v1.5.10


We have just released Faktura v1.5.10. It introduces a usual dose of various bug fixes and small improvements.

Happy updating! :)

Webinar: iOS / iPadOS security basics


We all love our iPhone and iPad devices for their legendary ease of use and reliability. It is not less emphasized, however, how secure these little tech wonders are. During our webinar we will discuss technical aspects of the topic that facilitate Apple's famous user privacy focus. We will go through software, hardware and services-related details. Save the date and join us on September 10th, 18:00 CEST.

Webinar: Apple Business Manager


Apple Business Manager is a web-based tool that takes a crucial role in one of the deployment scenarios: an automated device enrollment process. During our webinar we will go through its design, describe its functionalities, and discuss the registration procedure. We will also talk about app and content licensing, and try to focus on additional options offered by Apple Business Manager in this regard. Save the date and join us on August 25th, 18:00 CEST.

Webinar: Mac's UNIX underpinnings


Join us to learn the basics of macOS UNIX underpinnings, ways in which it differs from other POSIX systems, and possibilities that this feature brings in a day-to-day usage. We will be starting our webinar and discussion on August 12th 18:00 CEST. Save the date and let's talk!

Webinar: Find My & AirTags


Over the years Apple has been offering a way to track lost devices with its Find My service. Recently it has gained another dimension with the introduction of the new product: AirTag. Join us on July 16th and let's talk about the AirTag and the two faces of Find My.

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