Start Your Claris FileMaker Journey

Whenever you need to streamline business processes, put your data to better use, integrate with custom hardware and IoT devices or just find a proven technology that will support your business as it grows — Claris FileMaker and its Workplace Innovation Platform provide the right answer.

In this 2-day course, aimed at beginners, who would like to start their FileMaker journey, you will learn how to quickly make a custom app that can be deployed on iPhone, iPad, Mac, a Windows PC or used via the web browser.

During the training, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss related topics. Towards the end of the course, we will examine licensing options and their costs.

The training will be delivered by Certified Claris FileMaker Developer.

Claris Partner Trainer

Course outline

  • FileMaker platform overview — Learn about FileMaker platform and its requirements
  • Using Starter Solutions — Find out how to use a Starter Solution as a base for your project
  • Working with the data — Start previewing, creating, and duplicating records
  • Searching and sorting — Efficiently find all the information you need
  • Importing data — Effortlessly import Excel data and text files
  • Creating tables and records — Discover different field types and find out how to create new tables
  • Relations — Learn more about relations: what they are, what are their types and how to create them
  • Layouts — Explore creating layouts, adding fields, defining their styles, and specifics of supporting different device types
  • Advanced layouts — Start creating more sophisticated layouts using portals, tab controls, panel controls, popover, and web viewers
  • Field formatting — Find out more about formatting numbers and dates, conditional formatting, and value lists
  • Calculations — Create calculation fields using built-in functions and operators
  • Scripts — Discover how to create and execute your own scripts
  • Reports — Learn more about creating reports with summary fields and simple charts
  • Integration — Export the data
  • Accounts and privileges — Manage accounts and define their privileges
  • FileMaker 19 changes — Explore new FileMaker 19 features


  • 600 EUR (vrátane DPH)