k7 & Cortland @ WSB


As part of the 'Make IT simple' event at the WSB University in Wroclaw, k7 together with Cortland, organized two 'Enrich your world with Augmented Reality and Swift' sessions. Our trainers first described some basic principles guiding creation of AR experiences, and then the participating youth could try their hands in building them. 🙃

Faktura v1.5.8


We have just released version 1.5.8 of Faktura. It brings support for JPK_FA v3 and a usual dose of various bug fixes and small improvements.

Happy updating! :)

iStudies Roadshow 2019


Photo by: Ola Graczyk,

Over the last few months k7 have been cooperating with Cortland Apple Premium Reseller delivering sessions on Swift programming for iStudies Roadshow initiative. We have been visiting universities all around Poland to promote Apple products among the students and the faculties.

iStudies' goal was to highlight the ways in which Apple products can facilitate teaching and learning, engage the students, and unleash their creative potential.

We have found iStudies very inspiring and hope to take part in similar endeavours in the future. Happy coding!

2019-11-30, Gdynia (Poland): Streamline Your Business with FileMaker!


Last Saturday two additional editions of our free of charge 'Streamline Your Business with FileMaker!' workshops took place in Gdynia (Poland). During the training, together with the attendees, we build a custom app for Mac and iPad, and discussed pricing and licensing of the FileMaker platform.
Our guest, Phillip Kemp of UK-based FileMaker Business Alliance member Humming Tech, presented examples of the projects they have been working on, and discussed some of the advantages of the FileMaker platform.

If you would like to join us during one of the next editions of our workshops, just find the one most suitable for you.

iWorkShops Biznes: FileMaker


Last Friday, we had the opportunity to, together with iSpot Apple Premium Reseller, organize one of the editions of iWorkShops. Under the guiding eye of our instructors, attendees could learn more about Claris' Workplace Innovation Platform and create their first FileMaker solutions.

If you are interested in attending similar events, please check our training schedule for the upcoming weeks.

Streamline Your Business with FileMaker!


k7 invites to the free of charge workshops presenting the FileMaker® platform.

The FileMaker platform enables creation of powerful solutions that easily integrate with your existing data and systems. One can quickly make a custom app that works on a mobile device, computer, the web, and in the cloud. Whenever you need to streamline business processes, put your data to better use, integrate with custom hardware and IoT devices or just find a proven technology that will support your business as it grows – FileMaker and its Workplace Innovation Platform provide the right answer.

During this workshop participants will learn how to quickly make a custom app that can be deployed on iPhone, iPad, Mac, a Windows PC or used via the web browser. We will also create together an app based on data stored in the Excel spreadsheet for Mac and iPad. Finally, we will discuss pricing and the licensing options.

See you there!

Mobilization IX: Two Perspectives on iOS Accessibility


If you happen to be in Łódź (Poland) on October 26th, please consider attending Mobilization IX — a conference dedicated to mobile technologies. During this year’s edition, one of our trainers, Milosz Staszewski, together with Matuesz Duc will be delivering a talk about providing proper accessibility support on iOS.

We will focus on visual impairment-related topics and try to clearly distinguish between efforts to technically meet the requirement of "providing accessibility support" and factually designing solutions that meet the needs of potential users. It is one thing to comply with the regulations, and other — to design and build really usable products.

Hope to see you there!

Faktura v1.5.5


We have just released version 1.5.5 of Faktura. It includes all the necessary Catalina-related changes, and should work correctly on the latest release of macOS.

Happy updating! :)

FileMaker Business Alliance Trainer


We are really pleased to announce that k7 has become a member of FileMaker Business Alliance Trainer program. We believe that this will allow us to provide more courses to the wider public. Stay tuned!

FileMaker 18 Certified Developer


We are very happy to announce that our Lead Developer, Jolanta Soja, has just become FileMaker 18 Certified Developer! 💪

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