HomeKit for Resellers

'HomeKit for Resellers' is a 1-day training describing Apple's HomeKit fundamentals and focusing on recommending right accessories, delivering post sales support, and proper handling of immediate response to customer requests. This course has been designed for managers, consultants, post sales, and other staff involved in the process of offering HomeKit-compatible devices. By attending our training you will be able to significantly improve your customer satisfaction ratings by learning how to consolidate and reinforce your product advice.


  • Exploring HomeKit, compatible accessories, and benefits of the ecosystem
  • Finding out how to create comprehensive product portfolio
  • Improving customer interaction, product recommendation, and professional post sale service


  • Product managers
  • Portfolio managers
  • Sales staff
  • Customer advisors


  • Basic iOS & iPadOS familiarity

Course outline

Identifying needs and addressing them

  • HomeKit advantages
  • Accessories recommendations
  • Asking vendor the right questions and identifying accessory limitations
  • Testing accessories to learn about their pros and cons
  • Customer interaction
  • 'Works for Me' moments and problems troubleshooting

Installation and Configuration

  • Configuring Home
  • Home hubs and their roles
  • Different iCloud account and HomeKit
  • Adding native accessories
  • Adding bridge-requiring accessories
  • Preparing your network
  • Intro to electrical installation design for HomeKit
  • Intro to communication in HomeKit

Security and Privacy

  • HomeKit-compatible network routers (and why one should be buying them)
  • HomeKit cameras compatible with HomeKit Secure Video
  • HomeKit-compatible devices security
  • HomeKit and privacy

HomeKit and Multi-User Setup

  • Sharing control of your home
  • Most common mistakes

Controlling HomeKit Accessories

  • Home.app and 3rd party apps
  • Voice control (possibilities and limitations)
  • Controlling with physical accessories
  • Bridges: pros and cons

Uncertified Accessories

  • Detecting uncertified accessories
  • Related risk factors

Matter & HomeKit

  • Matter standard and Apple's role
  • Matter and HomeKit users

Practical sessions

  • Preparing basic Home.app automations
  • Preparing automations with 3rd party apps


  • EUR 500 (incl. VAT)