Mac Fundamentals

If you are a novice Mac user, who wants to familiarize themself with Mac operating system in order to work more efficiently, this course is for you. Learn about common macOS design-patterns, keyboard shortcuts and the way to configure the environment to improve your everyday productivity. We will not so much discuss the technical underpinnings of the platform, but rather focus on how to use it in the most beneficial way. We will, among other things, scrutinize System Preferences, Finder and Dock, discuss backups, efficient Spotlight usage and file-management techniques.

Attending this course will let you

  • Work efficiently with Finder and the file system
  • Take advantage of Mission Control
  • Prepare backup copy of his/her data
  • Use default keyboard shortcuts and define new ones
  • Install and uninstall apps
  • Work efficiently with Safari web browser


  • Novice Mac users
  • Windows switchers


  • Finder and Dock
  • System Preferences
  • Spotlight
  • Time Machine
  • File management
  • Browsing the Internet and communicating with others
  • Installing and uninstalling apps
  • Sneak peak at automation technologies


  • EUR 450 (incl. VAT)

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