Extreme iOS & iPadOS

If you are a novice iPhone/iPad user, who is amazed and deeply in love with this new and powerful device, but at the same time you do feel like you are just scratching the surface when it comes to making most of it — this course is for you.

Learn about various iOS/iPadOS features, the ways in which to use them most efficiently and improve your everyday productivity. We will not so much discuss the technical underpinnings of the platforms, but rather focus on how to use iPhone and iPad devices in the most beneficial way. We will, among other things, scrutinize Settings, Files and iCloud, discuss backups, external hardware and accessories, and automation possibilities.

Attending this course will let you

  • Customize the way the device works to suit your needs
  • Organize and manage all the data you find valuable (photos, podcasts, movies, PDFs etc.)
  • Conveniently work with different apps simultaneously
  • Swiftly communicate and share data with others
  • Expand capabilities of your device with new apps and additional hardware
  • Use your device to automate things and work more efficiently


  • Beginner and intermediate iPhone/iPad users
  • Professionals interested in enhancing their productivity with mobile Apple devices


  • General overview & configuration
  • Buit-in apps
  • Gestures & multitasking
  • AirDrop & File providers
  • iCloud & other services
  • Basic accessibility usage
  • Automation & advanced usage
  • External hardware and accessories


  • EUR 450 (incl. VAT)

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