Intro to SwiftUI Development

'Intro to SwiftUI Development' is a 5-day course designed to teach one how to create apps for Apple platforms using the new revolutionary SwiftUI technology. During this training you will learn basic Swift programming language syntax and the newest tools and frameworks for building user interfaces (with a special focus on iOS and iPadOS). Additionally, as a significant advantage over other training offerings available in the market, attendees will be introduced to accessibility topics like VoiceOver – a feature designed for blind and partially sighted users.


  • Learning basic Swift programming language syntax
  • Getting acquainted with Xcode IDE
  • Exploring the process of creating simple apps using SwiftUI (with particular focus on iPhone and iPad devices)
  • Familiarizing oneself with accessibility technologies and providing support for them in one's apps


  • Software developers
  • Software architects
  • Technology consultants


  • Basic computer programming concepts (variables, logic, loops, functions, classes) familiarity

Course outline

  • Basic data types
  • Conditional instructions
  • Functions
  • Structures and classes
  • Optional types
  • Collections and loops
  • Enums
  • Protocols
  • Closures
  • Extensions
  • Basic SwiftUI concepts
  • Popular views (text, buttons, images, containers)
  • Using previews for rapid app behavior testing (using different font sizes, Dark Mode, Dynamic Type etc.)
  • Navigation and segues
  • Managing State and Data Flow
  • Handling data input (text fields and buttons)
  • Network communication
  • Data persistence
  • Accessibility features
  • App distribution


  • 35000 Kč (vč. DPH)

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